Aspects and Concepts of Personal Development Class is Open

Aspects and Concepts of Personal Development Class is Open

To develop anything is to bring it into being, aid in its growth, or to realize its potentialities (Webster’s New Riverside University Dictionary. (1984). The Riverside Publishing Company).
Personal Development, therefore, is self-development geared toward growth and learning. It includes a wide range of concepts which work to improve your inner growth. Sometimes we set this personal development and growth into action so that we can gain external advancement or reward. Sometimes, the advancement or reward is more personal.
Personal Development can refer to a single concept- develop, grow, and realize your potentialities through a series of concepts. Or, it can refer to that series of concepts:

• The importance, place, and development of your Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, and Self-Awareness
• Working to better understand, and utilize concepts like Trust, Forgiveness, and Empathy
• Developing and Identifying Your Aspirations
• Identifying your identity (who you are)
• Improving your health in some way through things like stress and weight management
• Working to improve your social status, interpersonal or intrapersonal relationships, or your Emotional Intelligence
• Recognizing your spiritual identity
• Understanding and developing your life-skills repertoire
• Understanding your emotions and their implications
• Managing Stress
• Learning new skills or gaining interest in developing your overall skill set.
Different Aspects
Each one of the concepts listed in the previous section can be fit into one of 3 primary aspects of personal development (Rohn, J. (2018, August 1). The Ultimate Guide to Personal Development. Retrieved from SUCCESS:
• Mental
• Spiritual
• Physical

Spiritual Personal Development
There are other schools of thought which contend that there are as many as 5 aspects of personal development. The other two often added include Emotional and Social development (5 Aspects of Personal Development. (n.d.). Retrieved from Binaural Beats:
Spiritual development can encompass many things- including efforts to grow emotionally and socially. There is a tendency to look at the word spiritual and automatically make a move to religious, or religion. This is understandable since we often equate our spirituality with the understanding of any religious beliefs to which we ascribe. But this isn’t just about religion. In fact, it’s a step away from it and completely separate.
You can be spiritual without being particularly religious- no matter the belief system you hold most dear or try the hardest to avoid.
• Stoicism
• Atheism
• Catholicism
• Wicca
• Paganism
• Islam
• Buddhism
• Taoism
• C of E
• Protestant Christianity
• Baháʼí Faith
The idea of the spirit is the idea that there is a “vital principle or animating force” (Websters New Riverside University Dictionary, 1984) within us. Granted that in recent history, the idea of this animating and vital force has been controlled by the ideals and concepts of the larger organized religious houses. To be spiritual, as defined by Webster’s, it to belong to a church or religion (Websters New Riverside University Dictionary, 1984).
Many of us do belong to churches, and ascribe to a particular religion, just as many of us consider ourselves apart from such organized religion. However, look at that definition and choice of words again. A church is merely a “building for public worship” or “a congregation.” Religion can be defined as a specific unified system of expression, or an objective pursued with fervor or conscientious devotion.
Therefore, your Spiritual Development is much more than your religion, religious worship, or concerted effort of avoidance of such matters. It’s what drives you on an internal and vital level. Spiritual development is tied to your moral and ethical values- regardless of what their roots are.
This can be your search for knowledge and understanding of deeper meanings or philosophies, the desire to find connectedness to your environment or social circles or looking to grow away from such ties that bind.
Mental Personal Development
Mental aspects of personal development include your growth mindset, and need to learn more, develop new skill sets, sharpen the one’s that come naturally to you, or put concerted effort into life-skill that you struggle with.
Personal development in this area will affect your inter and intrapersonal relationships, career, and education (5 Aspects of Personal Development. (n.d.). Retrieved from Binaural Beats:
Physical Personal Development
Personal Development in the Physical aspect focuses on your body image, eating and exercise habits, honoring your physical well-being, listening to your doctor, and getting enough sleep. There are a lot of external factors that can impact your physical well-being, and personal development in this area can help you to shine a light on those, and work to improve them as you see the need.
Mixing concepts
There are a few concepts that transcend different aspects to bring them together to work a single cohesive unit.
• Stress
• Resilience
• Communication
Stress is felt mentally, spiritually, and physically. Because stress can be caused by mental blocks, or physical stimuli it takes a toll on your emotionally and physically. Also, when we’re stressed, our relationships may suffer as well as our faith in whatever ethical, moral, or philosophical ideals we ascribe to. Resilience is built through stress.
It’s measured by your ability to adapt and overcome physically, mentally, and spiritually draining dysfunctional events in your life. Communication is key to life-skills and concepts like persuasion and building and maintain interpersonal relationships.

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